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Wildlife Safari in Rishikesh

To add more thrill to your already thrilling experience at ‘Rishikesh rafting camp’, we offer you Rishikesh Wildlife Tour which includes visit to Rajaji National Park that is situated at the foothills of the Shivalik Eco-System near Dehradun, Haridwar and Ramgarh. Spreading over 820.42 square Kms, and covering almost three districts of Uttaranchal (Haridwar, Dehradun and Pauri Garhwal). The park gives amazing opportunity to observe the hugely diverse Rishikesh Wildlife in theirown ecosystem. Rishikesh Wildlife has best of the species of Wildlife in India, wildlife at the park constitutes approximately 49 species of mammals, 315 species of birds, 49 species of reptiles, 10 species of amphibians and 49 of Piscean species. This park has the largest population of elephants in Uttarakhand and a large population of tigers and leopards. The other inhabitants of the park consist of Wild Cat, Goral, Rhesus Macaque, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Monitor, Lizard, Indian Hare, Sloth, Himalayan Black Bear, King Cobra, Jackal, Barking Deer, Sambar, Wild boar, Indian Langur, Indian Porcupine and Pythons. The population of birds consists of the Great Pied Hornbill, Himalayan Pied Kingfisher, Sparrows, Fire Tailed Sunbird and the Peacock (Indian National Bird).

Jungle Safari and Wildlife Safari in Rishikesh

That’s not it, the park has 10 comfortable guest houses and visitors are allowed to cook their own food.
Best time opt for Rishikesh Wildlife Tour is from 15th November to 15th June every year and for best experience of Wildlife Safaris in Rishikesh you must associate with the best adventure company i.e.‘Weekend Rafting Camp’
For amazing experience of Wildlife Safaris in Rishikesh we offer you two options to choose from
1. Jeep Safari
2. Elephant safari.

Contact ‘Weekend Rafting Camp’ for booking Rishikesh Wildlife Tour Packages@+91-9897505577

Jungle Safari and Wildlife Safari in Rishikesh