Rishikesh in Winters

India is such a country where you have different rivers and different time seasons for rafting, some rivers even get froze, or some do not have current in many seasons. And now you all must be wondering if there could be a place where you could raft this winters and delight your vacations, a place where you could always dwell in as your home throughout the year irrespective of the weather and climate. And yes! there is. Raft this season at Rishikesh with most popular river of Inida and world attracting river Ganges. Rishikesh is a town located in the state of Uttarakhand, beside the holy river is now a home for all new generation activity, holidaying and adventurism. The river Ganges is cleanest during the winters and not so cold due to the low melting of glacier, although the rafting season in Rishikesh starts from mid September (after the monsoons end) and goes on till June mid, before the monsoons start. Another reason why Rishikesh is best for rafting is the town is never chilly even in the coldest of winters, and the town is surrounded by beautiful unpolluted hills.

Swim kayaking. Swimming competition kayak.
Swim kayaking. Swimming competition kayak.

The town has a enjoyable climate for many months of the year. As its location is in the hilly topography, the climate never becomes extreme type. Thus Rishikesh is one such tourist spot that can be visited any time of the year for different activities and off course it’s spiritualism! For which it’s famous for. Rishikesh is a very sacred place for Hindus, the gates for higher spiritual centers like char dham and Hemkund sahib are opened from Rishikesh, so it’s similar to what Mecca is for Muslims. Rishikesh is full with lots of Ashrams, from Swami Vivekananda to Osho, which impart different types of Yogas, as the adventurous and spiritual milieu is very well suited to the yoga. In Rishikesh you are going to find something for every age group.

Apart from mythological taste in the your trip, if you want to enjoy lots of wild adventure, Rishikesh is never going to disappoint you, you can start with rafting, camping, bungee jumping, paint ball to which climate is never a bar, when it comes to temperature, in winters average temperature during day time could be 14 degree’ C but in night it might further drop to 7-8 ‘C, warm clothing is very much necessary during this phase, which makes winters very perfect time to holiday at this place. So there is not a single point to shelf this tour, you can customize your trip with us along with some winter discounts, as rafting in winters is not going to be very crowded, you will get the whole Ganges to raft! Help us to make your this winter adventure and sightseeing memorable, please click on the link below and register before the world does!

Rafting and Camping

Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh has turned out to be individual of the legendary adventure tour in Rishikesh India. Rafting in Rishikeh joint through other actions like bungee jumping, rock climbing, paint ball and many others. Container plug all your exciting activity thoughts. Rishikesh is flattering center of adventure tricks which include camping, river rafting, adventure Camp. The holy and great stream Ganga has pretties minority surprising fast-moving water then to its way from Srinagar to Rishikesh for camping in Rishikesh. This passage sallow hose for rafting is unrivaled if evaluate with other stream in India. Thousands of tourists reach Rishikesh for river rafting and other adventure tour behavior each year. For previous few time, there has been a huge rage of camping and river rafting in Rishikesh.

Camping and Rafting in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Rafting Camp is individual of the greatest choice for our adventure lovers to Rishikesh. The camp offer one of the establish rafting in Rishikesh. The camp is located in Shivpuri on the bank of a extremely petite river of Ganges. This is single of the hardly any camp in Rishikesh where anyone can drive into. At Rishikesh Rafting Camp you are just 200 feet from the Ganga beaches. The camp enjoy grandiose outlook of the Himalayan contiguous the camp. The camp use lantern for maintenance it bleached. In addition the river presently in front of the base camp with lap bottomless water comforts you while the Ganges chills anyone.

Get ready to understanding the eventual Rishikesh Rafting Camp, where dream meet thoughts and thoughts become truth. We contribution significant scenery experience to group of all ages and during our camp program in Rishikesh . A chance to you preserve take pleasure in the loveliness of scenery and broad range of Himalaya well-known glacier trek, Rafting in Rishikesh and Camping in Rishikesh, with blizzard rock adventure in Rishikesh.

 rafting in rishikesh
rafting in rishikesh, Camping in Rishikesh